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Australian Vanlifer, Adventurer, And Entrepreneur: Meet Clare And Rufus The Rustic Vw Transporter


Clare, a young lady who’s living vanlife in Australia on weekends while kicking off a business.

Join us in our episode where we have a chat with Clare and take a closer look at her van Rufus. Rufus is a VW transporter with sustainable van fit-out in a rustic style, converted using recycled timber pallets.

Name of the Van:


Type of Van:

Long Wheelbase

Vane Make:

1996 VW Transporter


“Becoming a vanlifer will be the best experience you’ll ever do! ?…”
– Clare – VanLifer


Clare’s been living vanlife pretty much every weekend for almost a year, ever since she bought Rufus (the van). You could safely say it was worth the investment! She’s originally from Port Hedland, WA, and is currently living in New South Wales. She is working nine to five to earn money for her adventures – but now she’s kicking off her side hustle, Roaming Folk, for fellow van life adventurers. She makes travelling car seat cosies and accessories to give your vehicle a personal touch. When she’s not out enjoying everything vanlife has to offer, she’s hard at work crafting her gorgeous products. Check ’em out here.


The Volkswagen Transporter is designed from recycled timber pallets to create a sustainable van fit-out. Clare bought Rufus and didn’t convert him herself. The previous owner and vanlifer wanted to create an eco-friendly fit-out, and the gorgeous pallets give the van a rustic, authentic feel. It even has stylish downlights in the timber ceiling. Clare’s own cosies give the interior a nice touch of laid back elegance.

The long wheelbase gives Clare some extra room to kick back in her double bed. It’s got plenty of room for storage, cooking, and camping equipment – and of course, her longboard, which she loves to spend time on during her vanlife adventures.

The van has a connection for her phone and runs off a 12 volt battery. The batteries run lights and USB-outlets and are recharged from the engine. The van has a handle installed on the back door to open it from the inside – the door even has lights in it, which is pretty cool! Rufus is decorated with timber shelves containing scented candles and books, dried flowers, and it has light walls that give it a bright and airy feel.



  • Nah, I bought Rufus how he is. I wasn’t even really planning on getting a van! My brother had driven around Western Australia in his van, and when he came over, I fell in love with it. I wanted to buy a new car, and then this one popped up on a Facebook page. I took my brother to have a test drive and just to have a look. While in the van, I realised that I just had to buy it. I’ve never looked back; getting into vanlife was the best decision ever.


  • The roof! It’s just so raw and really pretty (note: timber ceiling). I am obsessed with flowers, so I have dry flowers that go really well with the van. Tip! Blu tack works well to hold things in place while driving.

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