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Minimalist Campervan Conversion With A Bohemian Style Fit-out


Lana’s been living around Byron Bay in a gorgeous campervan with a Bohemian style fitout. She drives a 2004 Ford Econovan with a minimalist van conversion. When we ask if it’s a boy or a girl, she laughs and points into the romantic interior. It is neatly decorated with pink and white colours, and the vibe is fresh, clean, and crisp. Lana hasn’t named her yet, though she’s thinking hard about it.

Name of the Van:

None yet

Type of Van:

Short Wheel-Base

Vane Make:

2004 Ford Econovan


“Live life happy” – Lana – VanLifer


As Lana lives by herself in her Ford Econovan campervan, she keeps the luggage and everything she needs in front of the passenger seats. That way, she can quickly access her stuff by searching through her suitcases. The whole back of the van is a giant bed. Even though its a minimalist campervan conversion, the living space feels really inviting and soothing. Lana keeps all her jewellery and sunglasses on the cargo bar. Not only does she have them handy for when she needs them, but the jewellery adds a nice, decorative touch to the walls. She’s also hung up a mirror and some baskets. A great tip for decorating your campervan is to use hooks, ropes, and magnets to hang things.

The basket contains everything she needs for the night, such as a sleeping mask and earplugs. When stealth parking, sometimes there’s a lot of noise and earplugs are a must! Lana is resourceful and has decorated her Ford Econovan campervan using cheaper options and secondhand objects. And the result is simply stunning! There are some chains on the wall in the back that she uses to dry her clothes. As can be seen by Lana’s work, if you choose your decorations carefully you can easily create a beautiful minimalist campervan conversion that drains the wallet!


The roof used to be a dark red, but Lana has decorated it neatly by hanging up a white table cloth loosely in the supporting bars. The sheet on the bed is also white, and the fresh colours give the van a spacious and airy feel. Lana keeps her gas stove and water tank in the back. She also keeps a tiny fridge there. The power comes from the solar panels on the roof and a 110AH battery. A wooden bench goes along the back and she can place her cooking equipment on top of it. A sink is neatly tucked away under the wooden board—but it is mainly used to store her wine and wine glasses. Storage boxes sit firmly on the ground under the sink and the wooden bench. The fairy lights are all run by battery and makes the van quite cozy at night.

The Ford Econovan campervan has a big surf rack on the roof where she keeps her surfboard—the perfect solution for an active lifestyle! She actually got her board and a couple of bikes along with the van – not a bad deal, even though she only decided to keep the surfboard. The board is strapped on the rack, and it’s easy to slide off down the back. It’s just as easy to slide it back on top when she’s done with the waves for the day.



  • No, the wood was here before. I just painted it, but I put the rest of the decoration in myself.


  • No, it came with the van along with a surfboard and two old bikes. I kept the surfboard, but not the bikes!

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