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After battling away for years in the big smoke (Sydney), we decided a change was needed. So we bought a bus, decked him out and the rest is history!

Living in our bus YeYe since 2017, been to many wonderful places and met so many amazing and creative people. So many that we put together a series of interviews with fellow van and bus lifers to find more about things like…

Why they started the nomadic life.

The challenges of van life and why they love it

Van life and bus life setups.

And we even get some useful tips for living on the road!

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    Since ditching the rental market and moving into his van, this young fella’s setup can comfortably maintain him (and his dog) off grid for 4 days at a time! Say

    Architecturally designed to tea! This incredible van fitout provides every comfort needed for relaxing after a hard day of mountain climbing! Tim is his name and stealthing is his game!

    One trip along the Great Ocean Road and this couple were hooked! The only thing to sort out was how to make money as a vanlifer. Name of the Van:

    Featured Episodes

    Here’s a few episodes of our amazing Nomads Around Australia:

    How To Make
    Bus Brew Beer?

    Phil himself thinks he must be one of the craziest people around to brew his own beer on a bus while travelling. His trusted fermenter is over 25 years old, but it still works like a charm. According to Phil, the most important thing you can do to maintain it is to keep it clean.

    As Phil was packing up to set off on his bus conversion adventures, he saw his fermenter standing there and thought, “Why not? Let’s give it a go!” If you love a cold beer on a hot day, brewing your own yeasty is both a cost-saver and an exciting hobby. So are you ready to learn how Phil does it?

    Minimalist Campervan Conversion With A Bohemian Style Fit-Out

    As Lana lives by herself in her Ford Econovan campervan, she keeps the luggage and everything she needs in front of the passenger seats. That way, she can quickly access her stuff by searching through her suitcases. The whole back of the van is a giant bed. Even though its a minimalist campervan conversion, the living space feels really inviting and soothing.

    Lana keeps all her jewellery and sunglasses on the cargo bar. Not only does she have them handy for when she needs them, but the jewellery adds a nice, decorative touch to the walls. She’s also hung up a mirror and some baskets. A great tip for decorating your campervan is to use hooks, ropes, and magnets to hang things.
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