John & River

Since ditching the rental market and moving into his van, this young fella’s setup can comfortably maintain him (and his dog) off grid for 4 days at a time!

Living VanLife Since:

March 2017

Name of the Van:


Size of the Van:

4.7 metres

Van Make:

1985 Toyota Hice Poptop

John & River

Say g’day to John, River and his van Evie! Calling his YR Ford Econovan Evie home since 2017, Johnno squeezed in a beautiful van conversion in 6 months between work and life commitments. His conversion boasts an ingenious foldable double bed, water on tap and a gas stove which is perfect for his goto cookup… the humble taco!

On Board

  • John
  • River

John reckons that waking up with the sun, staying in his favourite spot on the beach and making strong connections with people are the best things about vanlife. 

Working at a pet shop, he’s now able to dedicate time to practicing guitar, playing with his dog, and taking life easy. Having said that however, John would love to help others build their dream van, and is seriously thinking about starting his own business doing just that!

Interesting Facts

Hand crafted van fitout perfection! Johnno’s rig is 100% off grid with a 140 Ah battery bank powered by a regulating control from the motor, 40L of water, pop-top and an ultra-detailed wood carved table that is very impressive!

A Couple of Questions

What made you move into a van?

I was living in Brisbane and used to go to the market every Saturday. I saw the same vans parked over and over again, and I realised that people lived in those vans. And it just caught me, literally like a bug. I just became addicted! The lease was ending in the house I was living in, so I bought a van and moved into it within a week.

What is the biggest challenge of living in a van?

Living with a dog! There are many challenges that come with vanlife, and that is what keeps it so interesting. For example, when it rains for four days non-stop or if the van breaks down. You’d just have to pack a small bag and go live with a friend for a few days. Everything is a challenge and that is why it’s fun!

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