Round & Round Coffee

One trip along the Great Ocean Road and this couple were hooked! The only thing to sort out was how to make money as a vanlifer.

Living VanLife Since:


Name of the Van:

Saffy & Roscoe

Size of the Van:

4.2 metres

Van Make:

 1983 Toyota Hiace

Round & Round Coffee

Welcome Jess, Andy, Saffy (the van), Roscoe (the coffee caravan) and Elton (the coffee machine)! Saffy had been in the family for 20 years until one Christmas day the keys were handed over to Jess. Starting in 2017, this 1983 Toyota Hiace has been on the road taking great coffee to the towns of Oz!

On Board

  • Jess
  • Andy

As you may have guessed, Jess and Andy are a resourceful pair! Not only do they take great coffee all around Australia to make money, they also do some freelance graphic design, filming and blog writing to help bring in the pasta!

When they do get a chance to relax, they like to plonk themselves in the middle of the bush, set up a hammock and just relax!

Interesting Facts

Saffy the pop-top, has travelled over 20,000kms in the last 10 months, towing Rosco the coffee caravan. The van is decked out with plenty of storage a double bed and wicked awning and wall that gives a bit of extra space.

A Couple of Questions

How did the idea came about?

We were on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. We were there and we decided we were done coming back home, so we started planning ideas on how we could live on the road and have enough money to live. The idea came out about selling coffee.

What is a typical day in your life?

Bush camping, we usually give ourselves two or three days off after a week of serving. We plonk ourselves in the bush, set up our hammock, we relax, we go bushwalking, and we love swimming. We try to keep a balance so we feel like we’ve had time off.

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