Architecturally designed to tea! This incredible van fitout provides every comfort needed for relaxing after a hard day of mountain climbing!

Living BusLife Since:

July 2018

Name of the Bus::


Size of the Bus:

3.5 tonnes

Bus Make:

Volkswagen Crafter


Tim is his name and stealthing is his game! He has been living in his slick and stylish Migaloo since July 2018 . Named after the big white whale that migrates up and down the coast, Tim designed and converted his Volkswagen  van. Using light weight aluminium and cabinetry materials, there is plenty of storage space, and this 2WD beast has no trouble cruising on dirt roads to take him to the best climbing and surfing spots!

On Board

  • Tim

Tim chooses vanlife to reduce the footprint on the planet. Although he acknowledges that there is a lot of embodied energy in a vehicle, his Migaloo doubles as his vehicle and his home. It’s all in one!

Interesting Facts

Made from lightweight aluminium framing, this rig boasts 300 Watts of solar panels, an 340 Ah AMG battery bank, 40L of fresh water and more storage space than you can poke a stick at!

Powering his lighting, computer and fridge, Tim’s setup let’s him get off the beaten track and escape the rat race without a drama!

A Couple of Questions

What made you start vanlife?

For me it was more an ethical standpoint, just trying to have as small a footprint on the planet as I can. You can argue there’s a lot of embodied energy in a vehicle. A lot of energy going into its production, burning fossil fuels to get around, but it’s my home, it’s my transport. It’s all in one!

Did you do the conversion yourself?

Yes, some really good guys at Currumbin that shape aluminium helped me. I bought the square tubing, then cut it to size and then used connectors to push it all together. A bit like a Meccano or Lego set. I was worried about the weight for fuel consumption, and wear and tear in the suspension of the vehicle. All the climbing spots are in unsealed roads and the van is a 2wd.

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