Adios Spain, G’day Australia! This Spanish hombre is leading the ultimate vanlife double life!

Living VanLife Since:

May 2016

Name of the Van:

Doesn’t have one

Size of the Van:

4.6 metres

Van Make:

2004 Mazda e2000


Hola to Xavi and his 2004, e2000 Mazda! For the last 3 years Xavi has been living vanlife. He has called his 8200 Mazda home since 2016, and putting his own labour to work, Xavi made the conversion himself. Now complete with batteries, bed and surfboard storage, Xavi can get away for as long as he likes!

On Board

  • Xavi

Xavi loves the vanlife lifestyle, people and closeness to nature that he feels. Working Monday to Friday as a software engineer, he’s able to get away most weekends to surf or visit something new. 

Interesting Facts

Complete with 110 Ah of battery bank that is charged from the engine, Xavi powers a 12V chest fridge, lights and computer. He’s got some portable containers of fresh water, gas stove and a foldable bed. Measuring in at 6ft 8in (203cm), it’s impressive to see Xavi navigate inside his van, he’s almost taller than the van is long!

A Couple of Questions

Why did you move into a van?

The main reason is because people that live in campervans are people that have other types of feelings, that just like to explore the surroundings by ourselves. I think it’s a good lifestyle, and if you don’t like it, you can try it and if not come back to a normal life. I also feel the need to live in contact with nature.

What do you like most about vanlife?

Everytime I park close to the beach and wake up in the morning! I love chasing waves, going surfing then having breakfast, it’s just awesome! The opportunity to just open the sliding door and see the ocean is the best!

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